Negotiation Management™

"Desking" for the 21st century

So much has changed in dealerships in the last few decades. Yet so many dealers handle the critical negotiation process exactly the same way their forefathers did when they sold Model A’s. No words are hated by your customers more than “I have to go ask my manager”. However, dealers still need to maintain control of the process. On top of it all, the cars get ever more complex and the vast array of leasing and financing options make it increasingly difficult to manage this process.

DealerServer Negotiation Management addresses these challenges in an elegant and efficient way. By combining our state-of-the-art vehicle configurator* with inventory listings and advanced payment calculators, the sales advisor can be “empowered” to work the deal without having to go back and forth to the manager. However, with DealerServer that empowerment can be limited in a variety of ways to the dealer’s exact specifications.

With DealerServer the dealer actually has significantly more control over the negotiation process while providing the customer with a more transparent and efficient sales experience. The sales advisor appreciates the empowerment and can develop into a superior professional. Common mistakes are drastically reduced, saving money and lost sales. The “desking” process is significantly more efficient, which reduces customer wait time and increases customer turn-over. All of these improvements mean more cars sold. DealerServer is that rarest of products that actually benefits all parties involved -the customer, the sales advisor, the managers, and the dealer principle.


State-of-the-art vehicle configurator* specifically designed for a sales advisor engaging in the negotiation process


Detailed new and used inventory listings


Comprehensive lease, finance, balloon, and cash payment calculators with pre-loaded manufacturer program rates*


Ability to generate unlimited multiple quote scenarios for each customer


Dealer-specified limits on key areas of the quote calculation process


Advanced "desking" functions allows managers to modify quotes in perfect synchronization with the sales advisor


Custom-formatted customer quote disclosure print-out functions


Integrated customer quote email functions


Easy-to-use interface concentrates all functions on a single screen


Powerful customer search tools


Best-in-class training and customer support


Sales process integration that helps sales advisors negotiate most effectively and close deals

*Configurator and calculator are customized for limited manufacturer specifications. Please contact us for details.