Customer Relationship Management

CRM for car people, not computer people

Dealership CRM systems never seem to deliver as promised. You are presented a list of awesome features that make it sound like the CRM could replace your sales advisors. Then it just doesn’t seem to work. One big part of the problem is that sales advisors often just don’t like to do their follow-up. Getting someone to do something that they don’t want to do by introducing an over-complicated tool that does not follow a natural flow only makes it worse. The system that was supposed to save you time and resources suddenly requires more effort than before you invested in some new CRM system. There has got to be a better way…

DealerServer CRM is easy to use, a quality that cannot be understated. It is easy to enter a customer and to find a customer. Scheduling and completing follow-up tasks is child’s play. Internet leads can be parsed and efficiently distributed in a variety of ways. Management can oversee everything that goes on. DealerServer minimizes the number of screen views for a user so that the user never gets “lost” in an overly cumbersome application. Ease of use combined with powerful CRM tools makes for a more fully utilized and therefore more effective tool for your dealership.

We designed DealerServer CRM based on the philosophy of “managed empowerment”. Empower the sales advisors to do their jobs, but manage the overall process. Sales advisors can set their follow-up tasks and managers can oversee their activities to guide them toward improved performance. It’s a simple and effective solution for managing the challenging follow-up process. Many CRMs try to be all things to all dealers. DealerServer focuses on what we do best for the brands that we are designed to support.

In addition to easy to use functionality, DealerServer CRM gets the critical features right. We offer complete, two-way integration with your dealership email system -no confusing secondary email addresses to deal with. Our powerful customer entry and search tools make it easy to capture customer information and prevents unwanted duplicate records. The single page customer view allows your users to see everything they need to do for a customer on a single page. Internet lead management can be set up based on any process the dealership wants: BDC; Internet sales department; manager distributed leads; or sales advisor distributed leads. Our lead notification and reporting processes ensure that your leads are being properly managed.

When integrated with our DealerServer Negotiation Management system, customer relationship management; Internet lead management; follow-up; customer quotes; and desking become one seamless process. Since the sales advisor needs to go into DealerServer to work their deal, the CRM naturally captures virtually all prospects. When prioritizing follow-up, DealerServer knows which customers were given price quotes and warrant the most serious follow-up commitment. The combination of CRM and Negotiation Management provides a unique and terrifically effective solution to the age-old challenges of dealership follow up and customer relationship management.

Easy-to-use interface

Never underestimate the importance of easy

Comprehensive customer search engine

It is always easy to find your customer or enter a new customer

Flexible follow-up mechanisms

Customers won’t follow a defined contact schedule, neither should your CRM


Complete two-way email integration with dealership's existing email system


Pre-loaded email template library


Internet lead management adaptable to any lead distribution process*

Lead Notifications

New lead email notifications


Custom forms

Status Management

Customer status management


Extensive management reporting and analysis tools

Integrate with Negotiation Managment

Available integration with DealerServer Negotiation Management

DMS Integration

Available DMS integration features

Phone Integration

Available phone lead integration

License Scanner

Available driver's license scanner


Outstanding customer support

Single Customer View Interface

Everything your sales advisor needs to do on a single screen